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Ponca 49 Songs

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Catalog No: IH 2011

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16 Ponca 49 songs


Lamont Brown, Harry Buffalohead, Joe H. Rush, Russell Rush, Sylvester Warrior, Albert Waters, Lenora S. Buffalohead, Metha Collins, Alice L. Cook, Lucy Cries For Ribs

Recorded at:

White Eagle, Oklahoma, April 7, 1971




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About this Recording
About this Recording
As told by Harry Buffalohead and Lamont Brown

Forty-nine was brought here by the Comanche tribe of Indians. It was brought here about 1900. When they brought it here, they gave us the forty-nine, and they left us four songs. From them four songs the Poncas composed their own. As we gave them the war dance, we left them four songs, so they left us four songs. Harry Buffalohead

These forty-nine songs, the Poncas would be in a big camp, these singers would get together and sing these songs at each camp until they made the whole circle. That’s where all these songs come in, that’s the way we used it. When they got through with all the camp, then they went to the center; they danced til sunup. That’s the way we used to do. Lamont Brown

The Ponca name for 49 is du-ha wi-chi-ga-he, “going in a circle” [from camp to camp]. In the olden days Poncas camped in sort of a horseshoe shape, which they called a-hú-gu-ga. Harry Buffalohead
Led by Sylvester Warrior

Led by Harry Buffalohead

You must always think of me when you're feeling blue. Led by Lamont Brown

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