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Original Eastern Singers - Navajo Two-Step & Skip Dance Songs

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Catalog No: IH 1528

6 Two-Step and 6 Skip Dance Songs


John P. Comanche, Joe Harrison Sr., Billy Begay Sr., Hugh Toledo, and Kee Trujillo Sr.

Recorded at:

Taos, NM, Oct. 11, 1997




CD-R, Cassette (Soundclips)

About this Recording
About this Recording
The Original Eastern Singers are from the Lybrook, New Mexico, area in the eastern part of the Navajo Nation. The members have all been singing since childhood, learning from either their medicineman father or grandfather. They were all brought up to have the respect which their elders wanted them to have, and in this way they were able to learn and participate in the traditional ceremonies.

The songs of the Original Eastern Singers are composed by the group to give a feeling of good friendship, and to send out good to all who hear them and enjoy them.

May these songs send good messages and make you all feel good about yourself, and love and respect all your people.

The Original Eastern Singers

Two-Step Songs
1. You Have Too Many Sweethearts
2. Herding Sheep With A Donkey
3. You Keep Calling Me
4. You're Back After A Year
5. Lybrook Special
6. No Reason For Not Being There

Skip Dance Songs
7. You're Leading The Dance Again
8. Remembering Your All Night Singing
9. Closing Time
10. Made A U–Turn At T.O.T.
11. Tuba City Girl
12. Our Young Navajo RCA's

You Keep Calling Me.

Lybrook Special

Closing Time

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