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Turtle Mountain Singers - Diné Moccasin Game

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Catalog No: IH 1527

New release! Available on CD-R
18 Diné moccasin game songs


John P. Comanche, Jimmie Castillo, Samuel C. Harrison, Kee Y. Trujillo, John B. Dennison, Benson Trujillo

Recorded at:

Taos, New Mexico, October 10, 1987




CD-R (Soundclips Nov.- Feb.)

About this Recording
About this Recording
Our great grandparents used to tell us that the moccasin game is used to pray for deep snow in the winter so there will be plenty of water in the Spring for animals and the people, plus good moisture for planting season.

Moccasin game songs are forbidden in the summer by the Diné. Some of the animals mentioned are dangerous, such as snakes and bears, and they might be annoyed and do some harm. The moccasin games are played in the winter when the animals are hibernating. These are winter months night games starting in November to the second week of February, or the first thunder in that month.

The Turtle Mountain Singers were asked to record some Diné Moccasin Game songs. These songs and explanations are geared to teach the younger generation to understand what the purpose and meaning of the moccasin game is all about, and also to promote the Diné culture with others. We thank the singers for making it possible for us to bring you these beautiful traditional songs. We hope you like them.

1. Who is talking, who is talking?
2. Unexpected place his ears are sticking up.
3. Bobcat on the hunt.
4. Turning into rabbit with big ears.
5. Locust, Locust.
6. “Dilly” it’s your turn to hide the ball.
7. Bobcat’s got a pain in his paws.
8. Far away Lukachukai.
9. This man is confused.
10. Don’t you know? The ball is still in your shoe.
11. Locating the ball with a stick.
12. Lizards running on the rock.
13. Lady enjoying her meal.
14. Dragging his many-colored sewed moccasin.
15. Visits us with his long skinny feet.
16. Giant’s turn to play.
17. Spotted Blue Jay.
18. Dawn Song.
Who is talking? led by John P. Comanche

His ears are sticking up.

Dilly, it's your turn to hide the ball.

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